Are you a school, a university or a Fablab?

At colorFabb we have been working with the educational sector ever since we started four years ago. We have a wide range of materials that are perfectly suited for all kinds of applications.

Are you into woodworking or modeling? Try our woodFill, bambooFill and corkFill. Printing with these PLA based materials makes your class room smell like a wood shop!

Are you looking for engineering filaments? Look no further than our range of co-polyesters, like colorFabb_XT and colorFabb_HT which bring added functionality and in case of colorFabb_HT also an increased temperature resistance of over 100 degrees C.
For a more all-round material, there is always nGen available in a variety of 17 colors.

colorFabb HTcolorFabb corkFillcolorFabb nGen

We offer schools and universities the possibility to purchase on credit and also offer volume discounts. Aside from that, we have developed the value packs where immediate discounts can be gained
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