A premium PLA filament, made in the RAL color you want, on demand. You can select your RAL color using the selector below. The color formulation have not yet been made by colorFabb, lead-time is therefor 2-3 weeks. If your order includes other stock products these will be shipped once the order is complete.

The RAL Classic color chart is used by colorFabb as a reference. We advise users to do the same when choosing a specific RAL color. Our product images have been carefully made using the same lighting conditions and no post processing. However every screen will produce a slightly different color representation, therefor we do not recommend to base your choice on our product images alone.

We also offer injection molded color plaques for users to assess the color before ordering filament. Please refer to our color disclaimer for more information.

All Color on Demand filaments are made on spools containing 2kg each.

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