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Make your prints truly unique. With Color on Demand you can request a RAL reference which will be matched in PLA by colorFabb’s team. With an MOQ of 2kg, the threshold is lower than ever for 3D printing users to create with their very own color!

Color on Demand, six years in the making, is finally seeing its release now. With the slogan “We make colors happen” colorFabb goes back to its roots as a color specialist.

This ever expanding portfolio of materials and colors have served both colorFabb and its vast number of users very well, but colorFabb received regularly questions about certain custom-made colors. A feasible way to produce was to require an MOQ of 30 or 50kg per color. Not only does the average user not need these quantities, the costs involved would be quite high.

With Color on Demand, we meet that very need by implementing an innovative production method to produce 3D printing filaments. This new production method not only allows more flexibility to produce a great, unlimited amount of colors, but is so efficient that even very small amounts of filament can be produced efficiently at no higher costs compared to ordinary filaments. Color on Demand initially starts with the material most popular in the market right now: PLA. With Color on Demand, the potential colors on offer can be in the thousands.

How does it work?

The colors that have been matched already can be seen immediately and you can order these like any other product in our webshop. The catch? We don’t stock it. All products in Color on Demand are made to order.

If a color has not been matched by us already, you can request a custom color by using the form..

The team of specialists at colorFabb then go to work to start matching this color request. You can opt to receive an injected molded plaque to verify the color first, before the spool is produced. This is optional.

Expected lead times are:

Please note: new color matches will require a one-time fee of € 75 (ex VAT) per color. Please check our standard RAL portfolio first if your requested color is there. We also have an extensive library of hundreds of colors where we will search for the best match before commiting to a new color match. If we have a color in our library that meets your requirements the extra € 75 fee does not apply. 

Color on Demand is produced on spools containing either 2kg or 750 grams. The 750 grams option is only available for colors already matched. All new colors are produced on 2kg spools only. Curious about the spool size? Check out this post.

Important: If you order a Color on Demand spool, as well as regular stocked products, we will ship these together as one shipment.

How is color matching being done?

Check our disclaimer! We use the RAL Classic references as our guide. All filaments produced are optically checked by our specialized production and QA team. You can order an injected molded plaque before commiting to order a full spool. Please check in the webshop!

Please be aware that we use the actual RAL reference. Colors on a computer screen, printed images and promotional art can give a misrepresentation of the actual color. Injection molded color plaques can be ordered for a quality check before ordering a full spool.

If the color is then accepted production is started on the custom made spool, which is a single spool containing 2kg (MOQ) of PLA in either 1.75mm or 2.85mm – or more spools, of course. Whenever a color has been matched, it will be added to the colorFabb website for future references.

Pricing is as low as € 75 (ex VAT / shipping) for a 2kg spool of custom made filament, with tier pricing available: 10% discount when 4 spools are purchased, 20% when 10 spools are purchased. Please note that for new colors a € 75 one-time fee for new colors (see remark above).

Color on Demand is a first new step into the direction of customization of filaments for the end users. Starting with PLA and RAL, the possibilities to expand to other materials and color references are plenty and will be implemented at a later stage.

Basically, color on demand will enable the maker / 3D Printer user to pinpoint specific projects and claim a different position in the supply chain with exactly that color that is requested.

Color on Demand is now live. Users can send your requests to colorFabb or visit our website:

Questions? First check the FAQ section we made. Or contact us through