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Custom colored PLA filament, made on demand for you!

Our brand-new Color On Demand service will enable you to choose the exact color you need to get your 3D printing project to the next level. You can choose from already matched RAL colors, 100+ options to choose from, or contact us with a custom color request.

The threshold for custom colors has never been this low in the history of 3D filament making. Our new coloring process allows us to efficiently produce starting from a single 750g spool up to any amount you might need. Minimum order quantity for matched RAL colors is as low as one single 750g spool and custom colors will be made starting from a single 2.2kg spool.

Please keep in mind that all RAL colors which we have already matched, have a lead time of approximately 5 business days before we ship. This can increase during busy holidays, etc. If you are in a hurry, please contact us before ordering.

How does custom colored PLA filament work?

If you’re looking for a RAL color, you can have a look at our already matched and approved RAL colors.If your RAL color is not in our existing RAL database, you can email us your request.

Custom color requests will be handled through our online contact form, we will respond within 24 hours.

The exact color you need

Don’t settle for 2nd best but choose to go for the exact shade of color you need. You can choose from 100+ matched RAL colors or challenge us with your custom color request.

Low min. order quantity

Thanks to a novel coloring process our minimum order quantity for matched RAL colors is as low as one single 750g spool and custom colors will be made starting from a single 2.2kg spool.

Reproducible colors

Strictly controlled production process guarantees color from one order to the next, so you can be sure the color is the exact same on every order placed.

Color on Demand at Batch.Works

With Color On Demand we’re all about making matches, not just with colors but also with companies and our users. Batch.works is a match made in heaven.

Batch.works, located in East London, explores the use of the latest technology at a micro production scale to ultimately make affordable products closer to home.

With a strong focus on optimizing and personalizing consumer products for people. Color On Demand by colorFabb allows Batch.Work’s to further personalize customer 3D prints, with specific color development.

Knowing the threshold is lower than ever for custom colors and working with a high quality and reliable PLA material gives confidence to tackle any 3D printing project with a touch of color.

At Batch.works we make our product colorful. Thanks to Colorfabb and their amazing team they can match any colors and we can provide our clients the best colour experience ever seen in FDM 3D printing

Julien Vaissieres, founder Batch.works

Looking for a custom color?

It has never been easier to get your custom color made.

Send in your color request and our color specialist Jon Donkers will get to work.

Jon is your main contact during the color matching process and will keep you informed.

He’ll make sure your color custom color is delivered in time and within specification.

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