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How to print with LW-PLA

Tutorial about one of our most exciting materials

How to print with LW-ASA


How to print with Varioshore


How to print with PA-CF Low Warp


How to post-process co-polyesters


How to print with HT Clear


How to print with steelFill


How to print with bronzeFill


How to print with nGen-FLEX


How to print with nGen


How to print with colorFabb_HT


How to print with colorFabb_XT


How to print with woodFill


How to print with corkFill


How to print with copperFill


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5  reasons to use PETG Economy

Why you should print with our PETG

Coated prints

Make your prints look spectacular

Landy Mini

Model car printing using Color on Demand


Our oracle: all your questions answered


Han Solo's weapon of choice with PETG Semi Matte

SpaceX Starship

To the stars! With PLA Economy

Cairns Bowl

When archeology meets 3D printing

Garden lamp

Old-school DIY fixer upper with PETG Economy Clear

Akira bike

The manga, the film and now: the print

Tool inlays

Find out how we sorted out our tools

Bird house

A home for the birds... with woodFill!

Bad guys

Decorating our own print lab

6 years colorFabb_XT

A look back...

Lamp Shades

Great lamp shades printed with nGen

Car parts

Functional prints made with PA-CF Low Warp


CashMag manufactures with colorFabb nGen and PETG


Gantri Plant Polymers - made by colorFabb


Printing a dinosaur!

Custom crutch grips

A practical application for varioShore TPU

Channel Wing

Using LW-PLA for RC planes

Falcon 9

Printing rocket models

Tough PLA

The main advantages of our Tough PLA

RC Planes

See how LW-PLA is used by the RC community

Eclipson TL Stream

Eclipson's great work with LW-PLA filament

Ancient Greek Helmet

A perfect copy of an ancient helmet... with bronzeFill

OpenRC F1 project release

A working RC car, made with various colorFabb filaments


An epic project made with bronzeFill

3D Printing in Investment Casting

A business case on using PLA/PHA for investment casting

XT-CF20 bike project

Printing a bike with XT-CF20... because we can!

nGen Saturn V rocket

A huge rocket model, 2.5 meters high. Made with nGen

Stacker at Optima

How our customer Optima uses the Stacker 3D printer

Mifa: Or how 3D printing helps

Practical uses of 3D printing by our customer Mifa

Van Mierlo

How Van Mierlo uses our filament to produce tool inlays

Project Unicorn

Read more about this fantastic project!

3D printing prosthetics

Read how 3D printing truly changes lives


A woodFill dino!

WoodFill – the original

Read all you want about woodFill, our original special filament

Post-processing gCreate’s Rocket Ship

Tutorial. How to process bronzeFill

5 years bronzeFill

Looking back at bronzeFill


Buro Ruig's use of Color on Demand filament

Made with Eastman Tritan™

Featuring colorFabb_HT, engineering grade filament

Stormtrooper painting session

How to paint a print made with nGen

When we talk about co-polyesters

Explainer about Eastman Amphora filaments

Let‘s Polish!

Tutorial. Post-processing copperFill


Batch.Work using Color on Demand for their products

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