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Online support

We provide online support for the filaments we sell and the printer brands we represent. Please contact us at support@colorfabb.com or call us during office hours (Mon - Fri) to get quick assistance.

Custom filaments

colorFabb has always been known for developing high end 3D printing filaments. If you need a bespoke filament, a specific material to fit your application or a certain color developed for your purposes the colorFabb team is more than happy to start this discussion with you.

Toll manufacturing / white label

Aside from the well-known colorFabb brand it is also possible to have a specific grade produced by colorFabb with the colorFabb quality. There is extensive knowledge in-house in regards to a wide range of materials.

3D Printing

colorFabb's print lab is the home of several dozen 3D printers. Here we extensively test all our filaments so we know for sure that they work on most, if not all, printers when we release them. And when you, our valued customer, have a question or problems printing we can easily help you out by recreating the issue at hand in our print lab.


If you are not sure how and if 3D printing is suitable for your business, please consult with the team of experts at colorFabb. The in-house knowledge ranges from materials to hardware and from software to CAD engineering. The colorFabb team is there to help you integrate 3D printing into your business model to minimize lead times and costs in development, prototyping and / or production.

Color on demand

With Color on Demand colorFabb offers custom made colors in PLA, starting with an MOQ of only 2kg. You can find the options in the top bar or read more about this unique service here


Learn how to print with ColorFabb 3D Printer Filaments. Our handy tutorials can be found online!
Check out our How To Print With ... articles as well as various tips & tricks, post-processing methods and cool prints.
We also keep you updated with the latest news and all the prints we make in our print lab!

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