3D Printed patterns for Investment casting

3D Printed Investment casting patterns

Traditionally wax patterns are used in the process of investment casting. These patterns are made using expensive steel molds, which can take up to several weeks to engineer. Creating a mold for small series production or one-off products is not a cost effective solution for many foundry companies.

Instead of using injection molded wax patterns companies can now also choose to directly 3D print patterns using colorFabb PLA/PHA. 3D printing casting patterns creates various advantages for foundry companies such as, faster turnaround time of projects, cost effective smaller series and the ability to prototype without creating expensive molds.

STACKER 3D & colorFabb PLA/PHA

Our PLA/PHA Natural has a proven track record for high quality printed patterns which deliver a clean burnout between 400C and 850C.

PLA/PHA Natural can be printed on many desktop FDM machines. colorFabb produces PLA/PHA Natural in both 1,75mm and 2.85mm filament diameter and is available starting from 750g up to 8kg spools.

Our preferred machine for printing accurate investment casting patterns is the Stacker 3D printer. Industrial grade components, a large build volume and up to 4 printheads on a single machine elevates the Stacker above the standard desktop FFF 3D printers.

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Spectra3D Technologies.

Leading the Way in 3D Printed Casting Patterns is Spectra3D Technologies. They specialize in the creation of highly accurate 3d printed investment casting patterns. Spectra 3D uses colorFabb PLA/PHA in combination with the Stacker 3D printers. For more information visit spectra3d.com


We chose colorFabb natural PLA/PHA because it contains no color pigments, prints great and burns out really clean from the mold,” he said. “Currently we are going through 25 +/- rolls a month of colorFabb Natural.

Jerry LePore , Spectra3D Technologies

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