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5 reasons to choose PETG Economy

With PETG Economy we offer a standard in high quality PETG filament at an affordable price. PETG Economy is available in the six most popular colors and on all spool sizes. It is the choice for users looking for large volume printing of functional parts without breaking the bank.

1. Easy to print


Our PETG is really easy to work with. Large parts show little to no warping, yet small parts with fine details are no issue.

Bridging quality can be improved easily by increasing material flow and slowing down the specific bridging speed settings.




2. Compatible with PVA


We tested the PETG Economy on the Ultimaker S3 system using the Ultimaker brand PVA and showed good adhesion between the materials. Print PVA on top of PETG Economy worked well, but also the other way around.

Intricate models will be easy to print using this combination.




3. Functional material


PETG is a great material for those applications which need a bit more temperature resistance and toughness than a regular PLA can offer.

In our factory we have many examples of PETG used for practical applications. Model specific clamps for tools, clips and tool holders.



4. Fits and works on most printers!


With the arrival of 750 grams spools in the PETG Economy portfolio we now offer everybody with material stations and filament bays the opportunity to work with this filament. Our spools are (and always have been) a standard size and work on most, if not all, regular 3D printers. 


It has always been our aim to make our filaments available for as many 3D printers as possible and adding the "regular" spool option for the PETG users makes this even more true!



5. Great price / performance ratio


As usual with our Economy filaments you can expect a great value for money, good for everyday printing or projects which require bigger volumes of material. 

#3DBenchy - The jolly 3D printing torture-test by (link)


Serious Clamp It Square by J-Max (link)

Jargar - Self-Watering Planter in a jar by Justinas (link)

Clamps, in-house design

Now also available: PETG Semi-Matte Black

As from May 19th 2021 we also offer PETG Semi-Matte Black. We took our PETG 3D printing filament to the next aesthetic level. After a lot of requests we now offer PETG Semi-Matte Black. By reducing the glossiness of the material we made it possible to create high quality finish with PETG printed parts. Parts no longer look like high gloss cheap plastic, but have a high quality matte finish.

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