PLA/PHA: colorFabb's signature blend of bioplastics. A less brittle and stunning PLA filament. We do use ordinary PLA, but add PHA for better yield at break. It makes our filament less brittle and tougher. Available in 19 different colors. Our PLA/PHA performs well on both heated and non-heated build platforms. 

PLA/PHA Transparent

PLA/PHA Transparent, combining toughness and a candy cane look.

Ideal for any print that requires some light shining through. Lampshades, mimicking stained glass, candy, jewelry, or simply to give your project a special finish.

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How to print PLA/PHA?

Our PLA/PHA performs well on both heated and non-heated build platforms. For those users printing on a cold build platform, we advise applying masking tape to the build area. The rough surface of the tape will provide enough adhesion for the first layer to stick and print almost without any warping.

Want to learn what the best printer settings are for PLA/PHA. Check it out.



Cosplay is an ever-growing, creative subculture around the world, and 3D printing has made it more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re looking to create props, armor, masks, or accessories, 3D printing can help you achieve the look you want in no time.

We’ll explore the basics of 3D printing for cosplay. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular filaments for cosplay, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the best results

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F1 Zandvoort

The Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort starts in August on Dutch soil, so we couldn't let that go unnoticed as a Dutch company.

We printed the scale model of the 4,3 km track of Zandvoort in PLA Regrind and (of course) in PLA/PHA Dutch Orange.

You can download the STL here: F1 STL 

The Mushroom Kingdom

Straight from the Mushroom Kingdom we bring you these 3D-printed planters that are sure to give you power-ups, coins, and extra lives! 

Printed in:
PLA/PHA Leaf Green 
stoneFill Red Brick 
PLA/PHA Signal Yellow 

(Piranha Plant, Coin and Fire Flower made with some Mario ✨magic✨)

These colors just adds that extra touch !


"Keep looking up…that’s the secret of life.” – Snoopy

Snoopy was printed on the Bambu Lab X1C with PLA/PHA filament colorFabb's signature blend of bioplastics.

Our PLA/pHA is available in 19 different colors. Including these colors used for Snoopy:

Standard White 
Standard Black 
Traffic Red

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