colorFabb was founded by Ruud Rouleaux, CEO of Helian Polymers in 2012. With extensive knowledge of the (bio)plastics industry, colorants and additives it was a logical next step for him to explore opportunities in the world of 3D printing. After rigorous testing and experimenting in the fall and winter of 2012 a new grade of PLA (PLA/PHA) was developed and it became commercially available in March 2013.

Later in 2013 the first special filament, woodFill, was launched. Half a year later a truly unique material was developed: bronzeFill, the first filament with actual bronze particles in it resulting in truly stunning prints when post-processed.

2014 also saw the expansion in production from one production line to four, as well as the move to a new building. More important, colorFabb announced its joint development agreement with Eastman Chemical Company in September of that year, which has resulted so far in four grades of filaments, based on Eastman's Amphora 3D Polymer range of materials.

Due to the rapid growth of the 3D printing market colorFabb has been expanding its production capacities, logistics department and team ever since the beginning. The colorFabb team consists of extrusion operators ensuring quality control, a logistics department that ships to over 60 countries worldwide every year, 3D print engineers who test all filaments and many more professionals. All of them dedicated to the quality and service the colorFabb brand is known for.



The colorFabb management team is


Ruud Rouleaux
CEO / Business Development Manager

Job Windhorst

Gijs Houdijk
Technical Development Manager

Sander Strijbos
Logistics Manager



Mission Statement


Quality has always been a priority at colorFabb from the very beginning.


"To offer a high quality material and hardware solution to meet the customer's needs." That is our mission statement and it is reflected throughout the entire organization:

  • Filaments are produced by a team of professionals in a climate controlled factory with constant diameter control.
  • Use of carefully selected raw materials and the use of specifically developed colors.
  • All filaments are tested on a few dozen 3D printers in colorFabb's in-house print lab. Printer brands we test on are: Ultimaker, Lulzbot, Stacker, Robo3D, MassPortal, Prusa, Makerbot, BCN 3D and Leapfrog.
  • We have active co-operations with the printer brands we sell and all our filaments have been tested on their platforms.
  • Packaging and shipping partners are carefully selected to ensure the best delivery experience.
  • Active customer support, both pre and after sales.


It is colorFabb's goal to ensure that businesses, education and users at home have the right filaments to fit their applications and needs.


colorFabb HQ


Early January 2017 colorFabb moved into a state of the art production center in Belfeld, the Netherlands. Located a few kilometers south of Venlo, a logistics hotspot in Western Europe and next to the German border, colorFabb's headquarters allows for further growth in the future.

The 4100 m2 building houses all of colorFabb's competences under a single roof: production, logistics, testing, offices, R&D and meeting rooms. The entire building is climate controlled and as from Q3 2017 the roof will have 480 solar panels on it to provide our production of the much needed energy, minimizing our carbon footprint even further.

Take a look inside:




Our address:

colorFabb BV
Bremweg 7
The Netherlands


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