Before returning any products, we want to make sure you’ve seen our ‘How to print with…’ tutorials and that you’ve contacted with any issues you might be having with our material.

To arrange a return shipment send an email to Consumers in the EU have a right to return a product within 14 days of receipt, however since filaments are consumables, we can only accept unopened, unused products. For international shipments it's 14 days from shipment.

Always use the return form. Returning shipments without this form filled out completely cannot be processed by us.

You can exchange a product for another product after you have contacted us about exchanging it. Please use the return form for this.

Be aware that there can be additional costs to send back products to colorFabb. colorFabb will offer to have the return picked by DHL. In that case this would not cost you any money, unless the cause of the return is not colorFabb’s fault or outside of the 14 day purchase window (for EU customers only).

colorFabb intends to be lenient when it comes to extra shipping costs. Within the EU we will always offer to have the goods picked up by DHL. You will then receive instructions about the shipping from our logistics department. In case of additional costs colorFabb will notify you about this. Outside the EU, and if the cause of the return shipment are not colorFabb’s fault, there will always be shipping costs and the customer will have to return the goods on their own account. Please note that when shipping from outside the EU use DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) as shipping option since colorFabb will not accept import duties.

If you send a parcel back to us without our prior knowledge or notification, colorFabb is not obliged to refund the shipping costs. We kindly ask you to follow the above mentioned return procedure.

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