Tough PLA

November 1, 2019

New filaments are coming fast and strong here at colorFabb these days. Talking about strong… Today we release our latest 3D printing filament: Tough PLA.

Our Tough PLA is a custom blend which retains the ease of use of PLA but adds serious toughness to the material. As a result the material is a lot less brittle than regular PLA filaments and has a higher impact strength.

The recommended printing temperatures are 210C-230C and 50-60C heated bed temperature. The print speed can be set to 40-50 mm/s. For better overhang performance we recommend using slower outer perimeter speed, 20-30 mm/s.

We release Tough PLA in two colors: black and white, which are available now and ship from stock.

PLA Tough was developed under our new colorFabb Labs program. colorFabb Labs is dedicated to bring more innovative materials faster to the market. It is colorFabb’s aim to meet customers’ needs in terms of materials and 3D printing services. Stay tuned for more exciting developments this year.

PLA Tough is available in black and white on 750 grams spools.

    from €32.05 €26.49
    from €32.05 €26.49

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