varioShore TPU

colorFabb is the inventor of foaming TPU. Our varioShore, short for Various Shore Hardnesses, is a revolutionary TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) that transcends traditional material limitations. varioShore TPU offers a spectrum of advantages, including variable shore hardness, diminished weight and density, and a delightfully soft touch. At the heart of varioShore's innovation lies its adaptability in shore hardness, a key property that sets it apart. Users wield the power to tailor the material's density dynamically by manipulating temperature and material throughput—tweaking parameters such as speed and layer height. This transformative capability enables a seamless transition from an unfoamed shore hardness of 92A to a luxuriously soft maximum foamed state at shore 55A.

What is varioShore TPU?

Explore the diverse shore hardness options provided by this filament. With the ability to customize print settings, you can effortlessly attain different hardness levels within a single print!

We've seamlessly integrated our lightweight PLA technology into our varioShore TPU filament, resulting in a significant weight reduction. While it may not surpass the exceptional weight reduction achieved by lightweight PLA, it remains a notable feature that could play a pivotal role in prints where managing weight is paramount.

Lost in Tech & varioShore TPU

Have a look at this video from Lost in Tech:  "The Ultimate TPU? Achieve Shore Hardness Down to 55A and Beyond, ON YOUR PRINTER".

We recommend our community to start with standard TPU settings when creating their custom presets.

When aiming for maximum foaming, it's advised to minimize cooling. Conversely, for improved overhang performance, consider using a cooling range of 50-100%.



CNC Kitchen & varioShore TPU

Check out this amazing video in which Stefan Hermann from is testing our Varioshore extensively. 

Stefan Hermann: "varioShore TPU contains a blowing agent that will foam up this 3D printing material during printing. This leads to a lower density of the material and also a significant increase in softness. Let's find out how well this material performs and how its hardness compares to other 3D printing materials".



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What can you make with varioShore?

varioShore Prosthetic

This version of varioShore is uniquely suited for printing prosthetics and orthotics.

We have included silver in our formulation. Silver is known to have beneficial properties for prosthetic and orthotic applications. 

varioshore Prosthetics is available in three skintone colors: Pale Pink, Medium Brown, Dark Brown. Printing at a lower temperature will result in a more intense skintone color, printing at a higher temperature results in a more powder like skintone color, less intense and a softer appearance.


Elevate your cosplay experience with the incredible creative skills of @WillowCreativ, a versatile cosplayer and maker. Witness the magic unfold as she utilizes colorFabb's varioShore TPU to craft a stunning headpiece for her Lillith cosplay from the renowned Diablo game series (by Blizzard Entertainment ©).

Discover the secrets behind her masterpiece by delving into multiple informative videos on her social media channels. @WillowCreativ generously shares insights into the printing process with varioShore TPU filament and unveils the tools employed for those impeccable finishing touches.

A practical application for varioShore 

Users from all over the world find new applications for our innovative 3D printing varioShore filament with active foaming technology. Researchers at the Manchester Metropolitan University, together with PrintCity, have investigated the possibilities of custom crutch grips made with 3D printing. Read more about their user case here:






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