ColorFabb Quality


Like you we love making things with our 3d printers. For these printing projects you’ll need a top quality filament that works every time! That’s why we take quality very seriously. The diameter tolerance on our filament is +- 0,05mm, ensuring that your machine will have a steady flow of material.

Colorfabb Development


At colorfabb we like to do a bit of experimenting with our 3d printing materials. We’ll regularly develop exciting materials for 3d printing. These will be tested in our 3dprintlab to make sure it’ll print great on your machine. To keep track of our developments follow us on twitter.

Colorfabb Colors


Our PLA /PHA is available in a huge variety of colors! Colors is what we know and therefore we select those colors that work well for 3d printing filaments. We also do a color matching service for those that are looking for a very specific color.

Featured Filaments